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Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary is one of my favorite indie games and the Alternation game of the week. 

The game is basically the love child of Dark Souls and Castlevania with a familiar level design to most Metroidvania games. Anyone familiar with the "Soulsborne" games will notice the similarities in gameplay to the modern classics developed by FROM software. 

Salt and Sanctuary was developed by Ska Studios which consists of 2 members, James and Michelle Silva, a husband and wife team. They did everything from programming and art design to story and music. And all of it fits together so perfectly. The subtle soundtrack along with the sound effects perfectly compliments the washed out artwork to give you a feeling of bleakness you have to experience to understand. The entire game has such a high level of polish that it's hard to believe such a small team could make something so artistically beautiful and also so much fun to play. The controls are completely responsive and when you die you'll never feel the game was unfair in any way but rather that you just made a mistake in your approach. The game is available on both the PS4 and Steam with a port to the PS Vita coming soon. You can learn more about the game here.

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